Demineralized sweet whey powder D90


Demineralized sweet whey powder is made from pasteurised sweet whey from cheese production, by electordializaton and spray drying.

Application of Using: For use as an ingredient in other foods.
Consuming group: Who are not allergic to milk and milk products.

Organoleptic properties, Packaging
Appearance (form, color) Uniform color, ivory white, lightly cream.
Consistency Loose powder, uniform, it may be slight lumps easily crumbling.
Smell Typical of sweet whey powder, sweetie without foreign smell.
Taste Typical of sweet whey powder, sweetie without foreign taste.
Transport, logistic packaging Pallet
Unit packaging (primary packaging) Unprinted paper bag with PE innerliner bag with welding and
adhesive closure / Big bag with PE innerliner
Net weight 25 kg / 1000 kg
Best before time(day) 24 month
Average nutritional composition in 100 ml
Energy(kJ/kcal) 1696 kJ/399 kcal
Fat (g) 0,8
which saturated fatty acids (g) 0,7
Carbon hydrate (g) 86,0
which sugars (g) 76,0
TFA in total fat 0,0
Protein (g) 12,0
Fibre (g) 0,0
Salt (g) 0,16
Physical and chemical parameters
Fat content max. 1,5 (m/m%)
Moisture content max. 2,0 (m/m%)
Protein content min. 12 (m/m%)
Ash content max. 1,0 (m/m%)
Lactose content min. 80,0 (m/m%)
Insolubility index 0,1 (ml)
Scorched particles A
Heat stability 5′ at 95 °C

Our powered products are HALAL certified.
IFS, FSSC 22000 certificate